Yes, Virginia, there is a Mahabali

MahabaliThe parallels are amusing: Regular annual visits, a big belly, quirky facial hair, rolling laughter, one constantly-engaged hand, general feeling of goodwill and warmth, manic shopping during the season (“own ‘em” spree, as one newspaper cleverly put it), lavish gifts and feasts, quasi-carols and games, Sunandini—the red-nosed bovine, er… maybe I am stretching things a bit too far.Santa

Some veteran fellow travelers also relate the legend of an egalitarian socialist regime under a Chairman Mao Lee, when classless folk led a contented life and possessions were equally shared, which came to an end after a hostile merger-takeover under capitalist boot; a tale I’d like to dismiss as mere collectivist delusion.

All lameness aside, happy Onam, folks!
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