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For effy whenever she may find this…

In response to this, actually this.

1) Why did you start to journal online?

When I was a teen in pinafores and plimsolls torn-jeans and sandals, I kept diaries and journals for posterity—stuff that would require large doses of moxie and coils of clear gut to read at this point in time. Much later, there was an uncommentable, static Updates page on my site and right after that, I discovered LiveJournal. It sort of grew from there and I got increasingly addicted, as I discovered I could read a whole bunch of other people’s lives and writing all in one place with minimal clicks and maximal scrolling.

2) What is the majority of your posts? (e.g. custom, private, friends, public)
a) Why do you choose to post this (these) way(s)?

Public posts are the norm. Rarely do I make any friends-only posts, and even those are opened up after a few days. Never by request, though.

3) What sort of communities, if any, are you active in?
a) Do you post frequently?
b) Why did you join these (this) particular community(ies)?

I lurked around a few communities I was a member of, savoring and digesting for a while, and then decided to go completely incommunitado. I joined them because they were topically and memberly interesting; I left them all because I knew I would never make a post. I prowl still.

4) Do you feel you are different online than in real life? For example, do you feel your journal adequately reflects the real you?

In real life I am thirteen kilos overweight. The journal reveals a tiny part of me that I want made public; the real me is best left unreflected. Not because of the deep, dark secrets, but for the horrible tedium that would ensue.
This might imply that what is reflected is not tedious, which is exactly what I want to imply.

5) Do you feel you have different identities in LiveJournal? For example, maybe you say different things depending on what community you are posting in.

Fortunately, I don’t post to communities at all. But then, because I am a total milksop, I can see myself agreeing to completely contradictory things and being a total hypocrite. It’s a good thing for my self-esteem that I am not in any communities.

6) What does LiveJournal mean to you?

A great way to meet and keep track of friends, interesting people and wonderful writers, and a place for occasional self-indulgent tomfoolery.

7) What is the significance of your User Info page?

I try not to scare people off. The nonsensical bio describes me to a J, and the interests to an O; but it’s the memories part that I consider most interesting, which makes this a total non sequitur of a sentence.

I repeat myself when I say some people will do anything to keep a journal going.
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